Welcome to the Artistry of David Stanton Photography

Well its a rather funny story about how my professional career in photography all came about: It all started out with a good deal on a camera that I just could not let slip through my fingers ( I had always had a little film camera and loved taking pics of just about anything ) So in 2000 I bought my first NIKON SLR professional film camera in the USA - and my love affair with photography began.

On a short visit back to South Africa, I was attending a friends wedding - when someone from the bridal party called me aside and said “ Dave, you’ve got a camera right? “ Sure I said “ Well can you take pics of the wedding today because the official photographer is out of town and not coming through!” - Panic struck . . . I had only taken landscape pics and had no idea how to do wedding photography, let alone composition etc . . . So my brain was thinking, Not a Chance! but my heart and soul just blurted out “YES I’ll do it”

With that my passion for photography grew wings and took flight - I have had the opportunity to shoot in London, Paris, Slovakia, USA, Thailand, Mauritius, Botswana and of course - South Africa

It has been several years that I have had my camera in hand, and I rarely go anywhere without it.

My True Passion within photography is PEOPLE, I love shooting Weddings, Events, Fashion, Studio and on location, But of course I also enjoy Still life, Landscapes and product photography too.

“when life changes in an instant - allow me to capture it”